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Hey, welcome to the custom shop!

Updated: Jun 30

Thanks for dropping in, we are avid Star Wars nerdz & collectors who love what we do ..i started out painting my own ships and vehicles to give them a more real look and have many years painting experience. friends soon started bringing there's over for a paint job too after seeing mine which got us thinking how many more people would like better piece's for there collections?

We have now decided to offer this service to the whole Star Wars community for those like us who want something more real looking to have on display but don't know anyone who can do it for them ...well now you can just send them over to us or buy ones we have already done here or through Ebay :)

Also be sure to check in with Tamer and the boys over at for the latest news and collecting in the Star Wars Universe of the best Star Wars sites in the Galaxy!! :)


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