Star Wars U-Wing custom weathered for 3.75 figures

Star Wars U-Wing custom weathered for 3.75 figures

Ebay item number:- 293629946822  ...if you dont have Ebay buy direct from us by sending us an email at  for a PayPal invoice


STAR WARS Rogue One Rebel U-Wing Fighter for 3.75 figures CUSTOM WEATHERED  with high quality paint, safe to hold and play with, paint wont come off, great for collectors who want something more real looking. the wings tend to flop on these so have had metal rods fitted underneath to keep them perfectly straight


What you get is the custom weathered U-Wing Fighter only, the stand is for a snow speeder and this just falls off it. painted gun metal grey turbines, guns, landing gear and radiators, no figuers included, please be aware this is a big ship around 21" long, will be posted with DHL or UPS express delivery which they charge £8 for with a massive box like this (normally 2 working days Mon-Friday)


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